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Mano con hard disk
Come gestire l’archivio ed il backup di un fotografo professionista

Una breve guida al workflow utilizzato nel mio studio per l’archiviazione ed il backup di ogni servizio fotografico.

Computer con Final Cut Pro
Tutorial – How to fix & avoid the RED ERROR SCREEN in Final Cut Pro

You can’t get rid of the red error screen even though all your media files are in the right place? Then this video is what you need. I’m going to show you how to fix and avoid the red error screen in Final Cut 2018, especially when it’s caused by missing motion content rather than by simply having some media missing.

How to book the right photographer for your Italian wedding

Alright, you and your special one have finally chosen the venue. It will be some magical villa in Tuscany or perhaps a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Rome. The caterer is just the right one for you, and you both just can’t wait to indulge in their food creations. You can already…